The Weather Station

Find below information about the weather station that is used as well as software and technologies involved to deliver the weather data to our webserver.

Weather Station

  • Model: Oregon Scientific WMR300
  • Get the Technical Specification & Manual
  • Mounted on our roof at 8m height
    Weather station located on the roof in about 8m height.
  • Wireless transmission of live-data to WMR300 base station (default)
  • Base station linked to raspberry PI via USB, uses C++ library to communicate with base station
  • Weather data is aggregated and sent to the SQL server all 150 seconds


  • Model: INSTAR IN-5907HD WLAN
  • Lens: 4 mm wide-angle lens by INSTAR
  • Mounted below Oregon Scientific station
  • Wireless transmission of webcam images every 20 seconds via FTP to the server
  • Image gets processed and analyzed (.e.g. cloud coverage) and is stored into the database.

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