Total Lunar Eclipse on Webcam

Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse (SMTLE), 27 Sep 15, 7:52PM PDT, Murrieta, CA

Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse (SMTLE)

This Monday, the last total lunar eclipse until 2018 happened just as the moon was on its closest point to the earth, and our webcam was pointed in the right direction! While our camera is streaming in HD quality, the images sadly can't keep up with mounted DSLRs or professional webcams as seen to the right - but watch for yourself. […]

Oregon WMR300 on a Raspberry Pi

Since back in the time when I purchased the brand-new weatherstation (sadly without a deeper research beforehand), no software running on linux was available to communicate with the Oregon WMR300, I had to reverse engineer all the protocols used. I will try to guide you through the set-up of the required software systems to communicate in this part, and go into detail on how to decode and store the received data in the next post. […]